Oh, the stories we hear!


When my little sister opened her book for Christmas, she loved it so much and asked me to read it to her right then. She always asks me to read it. My mom even likes the book a lot and asked if she could use it to practice English. She’s trying to learn and the book is easy for her to practice, so now after I read it to my sister, my mom reads it to her too.  – 4th grader Denise reading to 3 yr. old sister Dayan
 My little brother loves the Read to Me book so much. One day he even asked me to take the book for show and tell with his TK class.       – Ava (4th grader); Matthew (age 4)

We have a shelf at our house with books but they were dusty because no used them but since I started Read to Me and I read to my baby sister, my mom says that my little sister will grab those books and baby talk to them so I know I am helping her to want to be a reader. – 4th Grade girl
My little sister wants me to read the book a lot of times and then when I say I don’t want to anymore, she gives the book to my mom for her to read it.  My mom is learning new English words just like my sister.– Yoselin (4th grader) reading to a 2 and 3 year old
You have their full attention is my favorite part. Most of the time they are doing other stuff and I am doing other stuff but here we are doing something together. – Ziza (4th grader); Christopher (age 3)

From time to time we  ask Read to Me Project students  to draw us a picture or to write us a note about their experience reading to their younger siblings.














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Siblings reading