Read to Me Project Experience Art Stories

Wow. It’s the end of May… almost June and we are coming to the end of another school year with all of our wonderful kids. In one of our recent encounters with the children at La Gloria Elementary School in Gonzales, we asked our volunteer 4th-6th-grade readers to draw the experience they’ve had helping their pre-k brothers and sisters get ready for kindergarten. It’s always refreshing to see through children’s eyes. These are just a few of the masterpieces we received. You can click on the images to see a larger version.

Ariana draws a picture of her sister and her reading on their couch.


Justina explains that she likes to read to her little sisters in her favorite quiet place…


… and then we find out where that is.


Nathaniel makes sure there’s lots of good light in the room when reading.


Alicia wants to know, “who doesn’t love a good book?” and she has turned the TV off.



Hannia is reading about the lion jumping and… she is having fun reading with her little brother!


Itzel reads the little bear book with her little sister and uses hand gestures to describe the action.

c3Stephany has two little sisters she reads to on her bed.



Michele also chooses to read and wonder out loud on her bed.c7

And finally, Kalexsa is also making sure the TV is off and reading with her little brother on her bed.



We’ll share more of these drawings in the future.

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