Read to Me Project Goes Back to School

Yes, it’s that time again. Even though Fall doesn’t officially start until September 23rd, Summer fades as a distant memory and children rev up for the excitement and chaos of a new school year.


This year we will be training 800 4th-6th grade students who are reading nightly to 1,000 little pre-k brothers and sisters in their homes. That’s 1,000 Monterey County kids who will be better prepared to participate and succeed when they get to Kindergarten and it’s 800 heroic elementary school kids who make it happen! Tremendous thanks also goes to the forward-thinking teachers and administrators who support the Read to Me Project.


The 2014-2015 school year represents a 122% expansion in classroom participation for the Read to Me Project over last year. We’ve even put out a press release explaining the details. So far, both KION and the Monterey Herald have done news stories on our efforts. We have more media meetings this week.

Many thanks go out to our dedicated volunteers for helping us supply 80 classrooms with books…


and helping us deliver training…


It’s wonderful to meet and talk with all the wonderful children who are helping build stronger communities in Monterey County. If you’ve ever wanted to hear Barbara Greenway, Founder of the Read to Me Project, explaining how the program works to a group of students you can watch the following video.

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