The Read to Me Project helps prepare children for kindergarten and school success!

What We Know
  • brain development - harvard80% of brain development occurs during the first five years of life.
  • Early enrichment stimulates brain development.
  • Children from language-rich families perform better in school.
  • Reading to young children is an easy and effective way to build language, vocabulary and knowledge.
  • Literacy is the gateway to a life-time of opportunity and learning.




The Problem
A large number of children enter kindergarten significantly behind in readiness skills; often lacking in life experiences, vocabulary, basic knowledge, language and comprehension.

We help families create the critical early learning engagement necessary for academic  success. Children who fall behind early in their school careers often don’t catch up.




The video below features Anne Fernald, a prominent early childhood expert and Stanford professor, explaining the importance of talking and reading to very young children.


The following video explains how early childhood experience impacts brain architecture and development.


The following video explains why reading is the perfect stimulation for young minds and why things like television are not.